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This is a collection of science-fiction and fantasy wallpapers I created. All wallies are available in various resolutions.
Hope you enjoy!

July's Drive In by ErikShoemakerThe Black Pearl by ErikShoemaker
Era Silver by ErikShoemakerRage of Silent Gods by ErikShoemaker
Chthonic Wallpaper by ErikShoemakerBlack Summer Rain by ErikShoemaker
Human's Bequest by ErikShoemakerRequiem by ErikShoemaker
Empire Falls by ErikShoemakerAt World's End by ErikShoemaker
Serenade of Water by ErikShoemakerBog Oak's Occult Chambers by ErikShoemaker

Are you interested in wallpapers for your mobile? 

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Erik Schumacher
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Erik Schumacher is a digital artist based in Germany. He has discovered Photoshop in 2005 and since then specialized himself in the fields of Photo-Manipulation and Matte-Painting.

In the past years Erik has joined several online art collectives as a contributing artist, like Depthcore and Slashthree, and he has been featured on various websites and in publications such as "Ballistic: Exposť", the "Advanced Photoshop Magazine" or "the Book of Creation".

Aside from his affection for digital art he is also a devoted student of physics with particular interest in the phenomenons of particle- and astro-physics.

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 4:43 AM
Hello my friends,

I am too late as usual, but I still want to take the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and congratulate deviantART on its 14th birthday! 
8 out of 14 years I have been here myself and it is save to say that dA is one of the main reasons I turned into an art addict 8 years ago. It has been an inspiring trip with plenty of new trends over the years, good and bad, but also sometimes infuriating because of the regular dArama coming up every now and then. But all of this just made it all the more interesting - even today dA is the only website that I still update regularly.

In this journal I would like to share a few mementos of my own story and the artists that inspired me the most during that time.

This is the very first piece I submitted to my deviantART gallery:
Damaged by ErikShoemaker
Obviously I didn't know the first thing about proper stock crediting or stock policies in general back then (something that is valued a lot on this site and maybe even the most frequent cause of dArama). It actually took me several months until I realized that I probably had to provide a link to the stock provider in my image description. :-P

In 2006/2007 another art-genre was already extremely popular (unfortunately not so much today anymore): Space-Art and Terraspace. The standards were extremely high for that time with amazing people such as alynANTIFAN-REAL, BaroNameless-Designer, JoeyJazztaenaron and gucken, who inspired a whole generation of aspiring artists. For reference I would also like to link this art feature:…

Dreamers by alynArrival by JoeyJazzLoca Infernorum by taenaronFISSURE by Nameless-DesignerStarlit Night by guckenLittle Garden by BaroRAEVONA - Docking Towers by ANTIFAN-REAL

And this is my very own first space art creation from 2007 called "Sleeping Stars". I must say tiring as it is, the title is quite appropriate. :D
Sleeping Stars by ErikShoemaker

In 2007 (and maybe earlier too), to produce acceptable terraspace art you had to render your own landscapes, preferably in "Terragen 1", which was the shit. Of course I had to do that, too
Atlantis by ErikShoemakerAt World's End by ErikShoemakerBorn From Fire by ErikShoemakerRage of Silent Gods v1 by ErikShoemaker
however, I was never really hooked on any 3D software, so I didn't follow this path further. 

Despite of the swamp of gothic girls with black puffy dresses and smoky eyes in 2008 I eventually returned to the photomanipulation category because of amazing artists such as Aegis-Strife, MarcelaBolivar, RhysGriffiths, NekroXIIImashina and probably the most inspiring of them all, kubicki. I'm sure I must have forgotten several, but I am happy that many of them are still active today and as amazing as ever.
W.O.U.N.D.s by Aegis-Strife13 inches by NekroXIIIL'Ataraxie by MarcelaBolivarBlack Beauty I by RhysGriffiths60541 by kubickiThe Idol by mashina

I soon realized that the combination of my little space art experience with photomanipulation was very fruitful, so I ended up putting planets into every single image of mine, to the point that people mentioned it as a recognizable feature of my artworks
The Islander by ErikShoemakerDamnatio Memoriae by ErikShoemakerAn Odd World: Rebirth by ErikShoemakerGuardians of Fate by ErikShoemakerEmpire Falls by ErikShoemakerWicked Mind by ErikShoemaker
The first of them "The Islander" is also my fist really popular image, and my first DD at the same time. Therefore it still deserves a place in my gallery as a memento of the past. In restrospective I don't like this phase at all, though, and I don't think these images aged very well. That's why most of them are in my scraps. :D

At the end of 2008 I did my first art-commission for a cd-booklet, which eventually led me to the decision -not- to pursue an art-career further. :-D I just do it for fun now.
Blackout by ErikShoemaker

I once made a fun-poll asking my watchers which dA-category they considered "art" least of all:…
The result was that 15% of my supposedly fans and friends picked either photomanipulation or space art. :lol: What did that tell me? I don't know. I kept doing what I liked with much more focus on photomanipulation. I bought a bamboo tablet and tried to incorporate painting in my manipulations, one of the main trends in 2008-2009 and probably still today. The superstar back then, AF-studios inspired lots of manipulators, me included, with her impeccable technique to combine painting and photos in a neat way.
I get what I deserve by AF-studiossacrifice your love by AF-studiosnever ending story II by AF-studios

At the same time lots of so called "art collectives" popped up, and it became hip to be in at least one of them. In fact I know people who were member of five or more. That is also a trend I followed by joining the art-collectives SlashThree, EvokeOne and later Depthcore and The Luminarium. Even though the art-collective scene seems to be on the verge of dying nowadays, this is a decision I don't regret because with the critique I received in these collectives I was able to step up my game as well.

Here are a few memorable pieces from that time (I'm sure I forgot plenty of stuff here as well):
Probabilities by ouwEnzMorning Mist by zbushSOCIETY by Gloom82Ascent - Redeem by skam4
Metallic Botany by silestiChocolate dreams by NKeo Lush by ShinybinaryInto The Night by mortalitas

And these would be some of mine which I still like today:
Extinct by ErikShoemakerBlack Fire Upon Us by ErikShoemakerEn Vogue by ErikShoemaker
Entering Limbo by ErikShoemakerLone Warrior by ErikShoemakerBirth of a Solar System by ErikShoemakerBlack Summer Rain by ErikShoemaker

Probably since 2010 I lost track of all the trends, although of course I could not avoid the really annoying ones such as the swamp of eye-manips (who still remembers them?) or the pokéballs every day on the frontpage.

Let's see what the next years have to offer. I will be here. ;-)
Happy 14th birthday deviantART!

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