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Contests around Halloween

Tue Oct 18, 2016, 12:36 AM by ErikShoemaker:iconerikshoemaker:


The next newsletter is still two weeks ahead, but in light of the many new contests this month I'm posting a quick update to bring you all up to speed. This is the usual list of contests that allow for photomanipulation entries, thanks to Lora-Vysotskaya for helping me with this update. :)

Besides the photomanip contests, there is also a Halloween event going on over at Halloween-HQ! But beware that it's not your typical art contest. Instead it's about solving riddles, finding clues, and interesting stories. I took part in a similar version last year and I must say it was super addictive. It's worth checking out!

Halloween Art Heist! Come play, if you dare!!
It's Halloween 2016 at Halloween-HQ!
This is the official kickoff journal for Halloween 2016. Do you dare to join us?
You are sitting at your IKEA desk at work, rolling a pencil back and forth over your knuckles in abject boredom. Suddenly, your best friend bursts into your office, panting with excitement. You stop twirling your pencil and sit up, eager to hear the news.
Apparently, he says, the souls of all artists have been ripped violently from their bodies. If someone doesn't find the stolen souls, the loss will be permanent. You stare at him in silence for a moment, feeling the blood rush out of your body. What the hell . . . ?
"Anyway," your friend says, turning on his heel to leave, "I just thought you'd want to know."
You stare at his back as he disappears down the long hallway, your mind working at lightning speed to process what you've just been told. You decide in that moment

Deadline October
Space Art Contest: Unique PlanetsHello again from Space-Revived!
We are back with a new event! :eager:
Unique Planets is the new contest for all members of our group Space-Revived.
The special part: Unique Planets is a double theme, meaning we will have two categories!
Our solar system has only eight planets, and we think we know them pretty well (at least from far away). But our sun is just one of many in the Milky Way, and our galaxy in turn is just one in a plethora of so many uncountable worlds out there. We literally have no clue what planets could await us in those other distant galaxies.
Unique conditions can create gorgeous alien landscapes with spectacular wildlife. But instead of lush and colorful, your planet could also be harsh and uninhabitable. Or, if you want to go really crazy, consider that ordinary matter (everything we can see with our current technology) makes up just 5% of the entire universe! What if the laws of physic
(24th) 2 Weeks left! CREATIVE MINDS CHALLENGE IIIFinally the time has come for my third Creative Minds Challenge

and I hope that there will be a lot of participants.
Let your imagination run free but take note:
everything revolves around

The theme options for you to choose from & the required contest-stock images can be found below.

Please do read the full submission rules before submitting your entry.


This contest is open to my watchers
(become my watcher and you may participate).

Your artwork must be new a
(29th) Scary Movie Poster Challenge!GROUP NEWS
Hello Again!
As I mentioned in the previous journal, we are beginning two challenges at the same time.
:bulletwhite: A. There is a Non-Halloween theme challenge and a Halloween theme challenge.
:bulletwhite: B. These challenges run exactly at the same time, which is for the next four weeks.
:bulletwhite: C. You can participate only in the Non-Halloween challenge if you prefer.
:bulletwhite: D. You can participate only in the Halloween challenge if you prefer.
:bulletwhite: E. You can participate in BOTH challenges if you've got the time and you love both themes.
Below are all of the information for the Halloween Theme Challenge.  The information for the Non-Halloween challenge can be found here:

Both Challenges Are Due On October 30th. Keep track of the end of these challenges on the Countdown Clock on the Home page.

:bulletred:IS THIS YOUR FIRST CHALLENGE?:bulletred:
(30th) Join Me In The Non-Halloween Challenge!GROUP NEWS
Good Day, Members!
Well, the month of October is here, and I don't know about you, but for me that means dark and scary. I usually always go dark during the month of October, but I also understand that some people do not like creating dark manipulations. So, since I simply must have at least one challenge that recognizes the traditions of this time of year, I decided to have two challenges going simultaneously.
I've done similar in the past, and it will go like this:
:bulletwhite: A. There is a Non-Halloween theme challenge and a Halloween  theme challenge.
:bulletwhite: B. These challenges will run exactly at the same time, which is for the next four weeks.
:bulletwhite: C. You can participate only in the Non-Halloween challenge if you prefer.
:bulletwhite: D. You can participate only in the Halloween challenge if you prefer.
:bulletwhite: E. You can participate in BOTH challenges if you've got the time and you love both themes.
(30th) Spooky Scary Skeletons Contest!Hello everyone! Halloween is around the corner, and since this group hasn't hosted a contest in a while, I thought now would be a great time to have one. Halloween is my favorite holiday for many reasons, one of them is all the scary props and decorations. The theme is Spooky Scary Skeletons! Make the spookiest, scariest skeleton that you can create in your mind and make an photo-manipulation piece!

Contest Rules and information:

- There will be three categories based on skill level, beginner, advanced, and professional. The submitted work will be categorized by overall quality and composition. Professional category will be for the highest quality work, therefore it will be the hardest category to get into.
- There will be a 2 winners in each category, one winner will be by community vote, the second will be selected by myself. If by chance the piece I was going to select was already chosen by the community, I will select the runner up.

-Each winner fr
(31st) All Hallows' Eve ContestOur Halloween Contest 2016!
It is ctober and on October 31st it is All Hallows' Eve, the night where the dead come to life, the living dress up as scary creatures to go trick or treating. We could not let this month go by without a spooky contest for our members! 
Halloween, or Hallowe'en (a contraction of All Hallows also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve,  is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows Day. It begins the three day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs and all the faithful departed.
It is "widely believed" that many Halloween traditions originated from the ancient Celtic Harvest Festival
(31st) September Winner and October ChallengeOctober Challenge
With a bit of a delay, but here it is - the October challenge! Pumpkin La 
This time, let's dive into the water - this month's theme is Under the Surface. If you ever wanted to make an underwater photomanip, but couldn't convince yourself to try, this is your chance! ;) 
Don't forget to credit all stock used and use only legitimate stock! 
Only ONE entry per person per month. :) (Smile)
To enter, turn in your deviation to the "October Challenge" gallery folder (Don't get this confused with the folder for regular art submissions, or we'll move challenge folders to Favorites instead of Gallery.)
Your entry must be made and submitted no earlier than October 3rd, 2016 and no later than 11:59 PM PT on October 31st, 2016.
Don't f

Deadline November
PECULIAR CHILDREN and OTHERS CONTESTGreetings to the Castle folk...
This is an update, as we have added more exclusive prizes and points to the stash.
We are having our first "official" Contest here and at our sister Castle :iconcastle-of-cards: If you've read "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", or plan to see the movie this month OR just like making art that's a bit weird, odd or peculiar this contest is tailor made for you. Take a look at this sneak peek of the movie to get in the mood.
BIG THANKS to These Generous Sponsors of Exclusives:
:iconwesley-souza:         :icondeathbycanon:       :iconcd-stock:
:iconmagikstock:            :iconnitchwarmer:         :iconbonbonka:     :iconybsilon-stock:    :iconmarphilhearts:

Points Donated by:

:iconwdwparksgal:     :iconjh
(1st) CROWS AND SCARECROWS. NEW CONTEST! this contest you will be asked to make a scene that includes a Scarecrow and a crow. You can find them any where on da, meaning please use only da stock for this contest. We have picked out the required stock that you must include... a pumpkin.
Please make sure to include the pumpkin in your art.

Poster by :iconlora-vysotskaya:
You must be a member to play.
Only new art accepted
Credit all stock
Please submit works to the
G E N E R A L   C O N T E S T   F O L D E R,
we will sort them later
Have fun and be creative
(1st) Creatures of the night - Contest OPEN need points
Contest Hosted by
:iconpsychoartistunited: :iconsupernatural-art: :iconhighqualityart: :iconall-artists:
The best season of the year is here! 
DONATE POINTS HERE --> :iconstarscoldnight:
Running under cover of the moonlight
shadow death row. At the night we're
running wild with no hope for tomorrow...
You really thought you'd see through what
I am and what I need, we are children of
rebellion, we'll fight, we'll bleed.
Don't try to come to preach over us and
over me, we're children of decadence. Children of bodom.
Changed the name from Children to Creatures (people keep thinking is about a kid/baby theme)
(1st) ~ Gratitude contest ~Heya, people. Recently, I've been the lucky target for a lot of wonderful deviants attention around here, and I'm so very humbled and grateful for the motivating support I've gotten. Thing is, my brain is simply not big enough to withhold all the happiness inside it, and as a result, I am now having a little contest of mine, so that I can feel like I am giving something back, in an attempt to avoid myself from blowing up from all of this. I think I've fainted. 
the contest:
Create something artistic - drawing, sculpture, poem, painting, short story, etc. - that expresses your gratitude for anything you hold dear. It could be a pet, a friend, a musician, a book, a certain type of weather - literally anything that you are grateful for. Explain in the description of your deviation why you're grateful for it and why it makes you happy, and remember to also link back to this journal, then I shall put your deviation in a special folder of mine,
(1st) Fascination with Fright Contest
The Halloween Season is just around the corner, so for a bit of fun this time your task is:
Create a Horror Photo-Manipulation.

Give us the fright of our lives! Freeze our blood! Scare us!

The horror genre is a popular entertainment in the publishing and film industries
and there are a many theories why we love to watch horror movies.
One of the them came from Aristotle. He said that people were attracted to scary stories

because it gave them a chance to purge their negative emotions.
He called it Catharsis - the purification and purgation of emotions,
especially pity and fear or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.
(5th) Geometric Art Challenge | starting on 18 OctGeometric art. It's not something really used for digital art. At least, for me, it's not. I don't often see it around deviantART, but seeing those few inspired me to try out my own. Following this awesome youtube video tutorial,
this is my result:

Now, it's your turn:
Try incorporating geometry into your artwork.
Your entry must be a photomanipulation. A photomanipulation consists of at least two stock photos put together. Please do your own research if you'd like to know more. There are plenty of examples around deviantART (there's already one above).
You must credit all the stocks used with their direct links, and they must be legitimate. Please take a look at these helpful journals:

If the significance of the third journal isn't clear enough, here's a newsflash:
(18th) Use my stock - Contest My first personal contest
A long time that I had the desire to do something like this, then I had this idea to the stock, hope you feel inspired  black heart bullet
Literally my first ''personal' contest, because you'll have to use my stock and I will choose the winners.
Stock Required

Without branches download (here).
what do you have to do:
Gender Bullet : Genderless  Use the stock requested above.
Gender Bullet : Genderless The stock requested must be the main element.
Gender Bullet : Genderless  It must be displayed on a large scale.
Gender Bullet : Genderless  Can not be modified 100%, you can change the colors and little else.
Gender Bullet : Genderless You can use the frame with twig
(20th) The Original Character Contest | The Theme | The Categories | Contest Rules | Prizes & Other Awards | Judging & Criteria | Inspiration |

:icondisabled-dartist: is pleased to announce our first contest! In total, we will give out 13,180:points: and more in prizes!
Members and non-members are both allowed to participate! Everyone is eligible to compete in three categories (see below) for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Places. Members will have an additional chance to win an award, as 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Honorable Mentions will be selected from entries by our members (Note: placing in the Overall competition will disqualify a member from receiving an Honorable Mention).
Contest will run from 12:00PM/Noon (EST) May 20, 2016 until 12:00AM/Midnight (EST) November 20, 2016

(20th) Autumn Contest on Manip4FunFall leaf - F2U Fall leaf - F2U Fall leaf - F2U Fall leaf - F2U Autumn ContestFall leaf - F2U Fall leaf - F2U Fall leaf - F2U Fall leaf - F2U 
Autumn / Fall, brings it's warm blend of gold, brown and read leaves. To warm us as the night temperature  drop.  Many also find Autumn a time to be thankful for what we have / What nature has provided for us.  Others find autumn is warm and dreamy whilst they are looking out of a window at all the wonderful blends of colours as they sip a hot cup of coffee.
:leaf: :leaf: 

Deadline December
Challenge at Lilith's Realm!Challenge: Lilith's Realm 2016!
Starting from officially on October 8th and ending on December 18th 2016, we invite our artists to display the Realm and our Dark Mother Lilith.
This challenge has been officially started!, we have started to get submissions and donations, we still need prizes/donations from our community, stock providers and friends and we will be updating the journal as needed.
:iconliliths-realm: Proudly will host, teaming up with :iconwhen-darkness-comes: :icondaparanormal: :iconbeyondlife-da: and :iconsexy-evil: At this challenge, only staff and members of each groups can participate, but you must be a member at Lilith's Realm for submitting, the artist will need joining with the explanation 'Lilith's Realm 2016' and with his/her work finished -*No WIPS please-
we want great imagination and original creations.
As said previously: This is NOT a contest, getting prizes or offering prizes is somethin

And for a quick overview:

That's all - See you next time! :wave:




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey everyone.
My name is Erik and I am a Photoshop hobbyist from Germany. I have started practicing Digital Art around 2005 and since then I have come to love the genres of Photomanipulation, Space Art and Matte Painting.

In the past I have pursued a digital art career more seriously, joining up several renowned art collectives such as Depthcore, SlashThree and EvokeOne.
Besides, my work has been published in various books and magazines, among them the official Advanced Photoshop Magazine, The Book of Creation and even Ballistic: Exposé.

By now I have another job and practice digital art solely as a hobby. So no use to ask me about commissions.

Thank you for your interest in my page!

Blueberry Award

Awarded by JunkbyJen on April 1 for
"The most offensive tutorial"

Blueberry by Clu-art

I'm so happy!!


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